Linux Plumbers Conference 2021

from Monday, 20 September 2021 (06:40) to Friday, 24 September 2021 (12:00)

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20 Sep 2021
21 Sep 2021
22 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021
24 Sep 2021
BPF & Networking Summit (until 11:00) (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
06:40 BPF & Networking Opening Session - Daniel Borkmann (Isovalent) Andrii Nakryiko (Facebook) Alexei Starovoitov (Facebook) Jakub Kicinski (Facebook) Eric Dumazet (Google) David Miller (Red Hat)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 BPF tracing: exploring additional debugging capabilities - Alan Maguire (Oracle)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:50 Use of eBPF in cpu scheduler - Hao Luo (Google) Barret Rhoden (Google)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:40 Socket migration for SO_REUSEPORT - Kuniyuki Iwashima (Amazon)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:30 bpf: mass attachment of tracing probes - Jiri Olsa (Red Hat)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:20 BPF Map Tracing: Hot Updates of Stateful Programs - Joe Burton (Google)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
Containers and Checkpoint/Restore MC (until 11:00) (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Opening Session - Stéphane Graber (Canonical Ltd.)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:05 Simplified user namespace allocation - Christian Brauner Stéphane Graber (Canonical Ltd.)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Cgroup v1/v2 Abstraction Layer - Tom Hromatka   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:55 --- Break ---
08:10 Mount-v2 CRIU migration engine: status update - Pavel Tikhomirov (Virtuozzo)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:35 Secrets in cloned snapshots - Mr Adrian Catangiu Alexander Graf   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:00 --- Break ---
09:10 Fast Checkpoint Restore for GPUs - Mr Felix Kuehling (AMD) Mr David Yat Sin (Mr) Mr Rajneesh Bhardwaj (AMD)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:50 --- Break ---
10:00 Alternative ways to extract information about processes - Andrei Vagin Alexander Mikhalitsyn (Virtuozzo)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:25 Clossing Session - Christian Brauner   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
GNU Tools Track (until 11:00) (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 GCC's -fanalyzer option: what's new in GCC 12 - David Malcolm (Red Hat)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Link-Time Points-To Analysis Implementation in GCC with Souffle - Philipp Tomsich (VRULL) Christoph Müllner (SBA Research) Erick Ochoa (SBA Research)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 Using the GCC regression test suite for LLVM - Mary Bennett (Embecosm)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:30 Analyzing historical DejaGNU test result data with the Bunsen toolkit - Serguei Makarov (Red Hat Inc.)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 --- Coffee Break ---
09:15 DWARF extensions for optimized SIMT/SIMD (GPU) debugging - Mr Tony Tye (Advanced Micro Devices) Zoran Zaric (AMD)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:45 Support for the CTF and BTF debug formats in the GNU Toolchain - Indu Bhagat David Faust Wei-min Pan   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:15 Update on BPF support in the GNU Toolchain - David Faust Mr Guillermo Martinez (Oracle) Jose E. Marchesi (GNU Project, Oracle Inc.)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
Kernel Summit (until 11:00) (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Doing more with lore and b4 - Konstantin Ryabitsev (The Linux Foundation)   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:00 Linux kernel in Chrome OS - scaling to millions of users - Alex Levin Mr Jesse Barnes   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:00 Consolidating representations of the physical memory - Mike Rapoport (IBM)   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:00 Rust for Linux - Miguel Ojeda   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
LPC Refereed Track (until 11:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Rust in the Linux ecosystem - Miguel Ojeda   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 rustc_codegen_gcc: A gcc codegen for the Rust compiler - Antoni Boucher   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 GCC Front-End for Rust - Philip Herron (Embecosm)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 Formalizing Kernel Synchronization Primitives with PREEMPT_RT - Ahmed S. Darwish   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
Open Printing MC (until 11:00) (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Introduction - Aveek Basu   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:05 CUPS 2.4/2.5 - Michael Sweet (Lakeside Robotics Corporation)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:50 CUPS 3.0 - Michael Sweet (Lakeside Robotics Corporation)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:30 --- Break ---
08:40 Print Management GUI - Till Kamppeter (OpenPrinting / Canonical)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:20 Common Print Dialog Backends - Till Kamppeter (OpenPrinting / Canonical)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:50 --- Break ---
10:00 Printer/Scanner Driver Design and Development - Till Kamppeter (OpenPrinting / Canonical)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:30 Scanning in PAPPL - Bhavna Kosta   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:55 Closing Session - Aveek Basu   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
Scheduler MC (until 11:00) (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Scheduler Microconference - chris hyser Dhaval Giani (Oracle) Daniel Bristot de Oliveira (Red Hat, Inc.) Juri Lelli (Red Hat) Vincent Guittot (Linaro)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:05 Much Ado About… Migrations! - Enrico Bini (University of Turin) Dario Faggioli (SUSE) Francesco Ciraolo (University of Turin)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:35 --- Break ---
07:40 Overeager pulling from wake_wide() in interrupt heavy workloads - Libo Chen (Oracle)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:10 New challenges in using LLC sched domain on wakeup path - Libo Chen (Oracle)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:30 --- Break ---
08:35 Challenge of selecting an idle CPU - Aubrey Li Srikar Dronamraju Vincent Guittot (Linaro) Barry Song Bao Hua   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:05 --- Break ---
09:10 Remote charging in the CPU controller - Daniel Jordan (Oracle)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:40 --- Break ---
09:45 Per-task I/O boost tracking - Ms Beata Michalska (Arm) Dietmar Eggemann   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
10:15 --- Break ---
10:20 Improving responsiveness of interactive CFS tasks using util_est - Mr Vincent Donnefort (Arm)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
Keynote (until 12:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
11:00 KEYNOTE: What a long, strange trip it's been.... - Jon "maddog" Hall (Linux Professional Institute)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
BPF & Networking Summit (until 11:00) (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Bringing TSO/GRO and Jumbo frames to XDP - Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (Red Hat) Eelco Chaudron (Red Hat) Lorenzo Bianconi (Red Hat) Jesper Dangaard Brouer (Red Hat)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:50 Watching the super powers - John Fastabend (Isovalent)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:40 Improving the eBPF Developer Experience with Rust - Alessandro Decina (Deepfence) Dave Tucker (Red Hat)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:30 Ahead-of-time compiled bpftrace programs - Daniel Xu (Facebook)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:20 DSA switches: domesticating a savage beast - Vladimir Oltean (NXP Semiconductors)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
Confidential Computing MC (until 11:00) (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Confidential Computing MC Welcome - Joerg Roedel (SUSE)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:05 Live Migration of TD Guest - Wei Wang (Intel Corp.)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Live Migration of Confidential VMs - Ashish Kalra   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:00 TDX Linux guest - Andi Kleen Elena Reshetova Sathyanarayanan Kuppuswamy   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:25 --- Break ---
08:35 Debug Support for Confidential VMs - Ashish Kalra   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:55 Running Confidential Containers - Samuel Ortiz   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:20 Confidential Computing with Secure Execution (IBM Z) - Jakob Naucke (IBM Corp.)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:40 --- Break ---
09:50 Deploying CVMs at scale via Linux - Marc Orr (Google)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:15 Attestation and Secret Injection for Confidential VMs & Containers/Pods - Jim Cadden (IBM Research) James Bottomley (IBM Research)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:40 Securing trusted boot of confidential VMs - Stefan Deml Andras Slemmer (decentriq)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
File Systems MC (until 11:00) (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Efficient buffered I/O - Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Idmapped Mounts - Mr Christian Brauner   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
08:15 --- Break ---
08:30 Atomic file writes: Who really wants this? - Darrick Wong (Oracle)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
09:00 File System Shrink - Allison Henderson   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
09:30 --- Break ---
09:45 Bad Storage vs. Filesystems - Darrick Wong (Oracle)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
10:15 --- Break ---
10:30 XFS Roadmap Planning - Darrick Wong (Oracle)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
GNU Tools Track (until 11:00) (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 gprofng - The next generation GNU profiler - Mr Ruud van der Pas (Oracle) Mr Vladimir Mezentsev (Oracle)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Complex Divide Improvements in libgcc - Patrick McGehearty (Oracle)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 Limitations of tuning glibc malloc on larger systems. - Patrick McGehearty (Oracle)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:30 Indirect External Access - H.J. Lu (Intel)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 --- Coffee Break ---
09:15 Enable intel LAM in linux - H.J. Lu (Intel)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:45 OpenACC "kernels" improvements - Frederik Harwath (Siemens EDA)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:15 BoF: Offloading with OpenMP & OpenACC - Andrew Stubbs (Mentor Graphics / CodeSourcery) Tobias Burnus (Mentor, A Siemens Business) Jakub Jelínek (Red Hat Czech s.r.o.) Thomas Schwinge (Siemens Digital Industries Software)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
LPC Refereed Track (until 11:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Understanding motivations, goals and challenges faced by the Linux Kernel contributors - Bianca Trinkenreich (Northern Arizona University)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 Adding features to perf using BPF - Namhyung Kim Song Liu Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (Red Hat Inc.)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 Overview of memory reclaim in the current upstream kernel - Vlastimil Babka (SUSE)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 Strange kernel performance changes - analysis and mitigation - Mr Feng Tang   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
RISC-V MC (until 11:00) (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:00 RISC-V MC introduction   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:05 The RISC-V platform specification - Mr Kumar Sankaran (ventana micro) ATISH PATRA (Western Digital) Rahul Pathak Mayuresh Chitale   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:45 Next Generation RISC-V Interrupt Support - Anup Patel (Western Digital)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:15 --- break ---
08:30 ACPI for RISC-V - Sunil V L   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:00 What's the problem with D1 Linux upstream? - Mr Ren Guo Mr Shaohua Liu Mr Wei Fu   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:45 --- break ---
10:00 Puzzle for RISC-V ifunc - Kito Cheng (SiFive) Palmer Dabbelt (Google)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:30 Towards continuous improvement of code-generation for RISC-V - Philipp Tomsich (VRULL GmbH) Christoph Müllner (SBA Research)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
Real-time MC (until 11:00) (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:00 --- Welcome ---
07:05 Maintaining PREEMPT_RT: now and then - Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (Linutronix)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:40 rtla: an interface for osnoise/timerlat tracers - Daniel Bristot de Oliveira (Red Hat, Inc.)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:15 --- Break ---
08:25 Linux kernel support for kernel thread starvation avoidance - Srivatsa Bhat (VMware) Sharan Turlapati   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:00 Next steps for futex2 - André Almeida (Collabora)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:35 --- Break ---
09:50 printk: kthreads and atomic consoles for mainline - John Ogness (Linutronix GmbH)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
10:25 PREEMPT_RT: status and Q&A - Thomas Gleixner   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
Android MC (until 11:00) (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Android MC Introduction   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:05 Generic Kernel Image (GKI) update - Todd Kjos (Google)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:20 Uclamp cgroup usage challenges in Android - Wei Wang (Google LLC) Quentin Perret (Google)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:40 FS stacking with FUSE: performance issues and mitigations - Paul Lawrence (Google) Alessio Balsini (Google)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:00 dm-snapshot in userspace - Kailash Akilesh (Google) David Anderson (Google)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:20 --- 15min Break ---
08:35 Thermal core usage challenges in Android - Wei Wang (Google LLC)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:55 Allocator attribution/metadata tagging for shared buffers - Hridya Valsaraju   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:15 fw_devlink: Remaining issues to resolve and future improvements - Saravana Kannan   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:35 Android drivers in Rust - Wedson Almeida Filho Miguel Ojeda   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:55 --- 15min Break ---
10:10 Speculative page faults - Michel Lespinasse (Facebook) Mr Laurent Dufour   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:30 Improving Community AOSP Devboard/Device Collaboration - John Stultz (Linaro)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:50 --- Followup Discussion ---
BPF & Networking Summit (until 11:00) (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Towards a BPF Memory Model - Paul McKenney (Facebook)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:50 Self-healing Networking with Flow Label - Alexander Azimov (Yandex)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:40 Defragmenting the Loader Landscape - Timo Beckers (Isovalent) Lorenz Bauer (Cloudflare)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:30 BPF-datapath extensions for Kubernetes workloads - Daniel Borkmann (Isovalent) Martynas Pumputis (Isovalent)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:20 bpfilter - BPF based firewall - Dmitrii Banshchikov (Facebook)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
GNU Tools Track (until 11:00) (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 GCC Steering Committee, GLIBC, GDB, Binutils Stewards Q&A - David Edelsohn (IBM Research)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 GCC support for the Darwin AArch64 ABI - Maxim Blinov (Embecosm) Andrew Burgess (Embecosm) Iain Sandoe   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:15 Sharing Cache - optimizing for a single core vs a multi-core system - Patrick McGehearty (Oracle)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:30 Security improvements in GCC - Qing Zhao   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 --- Coffee Break ---
09:15 PowerPC BOF - Bill Schmidt (IBM Corporation) Segher Boeesenkool (IBM Corporation)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 The GNU C Library BoF - Mr Carlos O'Donell (Red Hat)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
LPC Refereed Track (until 11:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 io_uring: BPF controlled I/O - Pavel Begunkov   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 The Case for Memory Segregation - Alex Markuze (VMware)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 systemd-oomd: PSI-based OOM kills in systemd - Anita Zhang   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 A maintainable, scalable, and verifiable SW architectural design model for the Linux Kernel - Mr Gabriele Paoloni Mr Daniel Bristot De Oliveira (Red Hat)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
System Boot and Security MC (until 11:00) (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:00 System Boot and Security MC Introduction - Daniel Kiper   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:10 Writing Grub2 modules in Rust - Daniel Axtens (IBM)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:50 Firmware and Bootloader Logging - Alec Brown Daniel Kiper   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
08:30 Linux and DRTM on Arm - Stuart Yoder (Arm)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
09:10 TrenchBoot Secure Launch upstreaming - Ross Philipson (Oracle) Daniel Smith (Apertus Solutions, LLC)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
Testing and Fuzzing MC (until 11:00) (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Testing and Fuzzing MC Welcome - Sasha Levin Mr Guillaume Tucker   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:10 Detecting semantic bugs in the Linux kernel using differential fuzzing - Mara Mihali Marco Elver (Google) Dmitry Vyukov (Google)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:35 Bare-metal testing using containerised test suites - Martin Peres   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:05 Common Test Report Database (KCIDB) - Nikolai Kondrashov (Red Hat)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:30 Testing the Red-Black tree implementation of the Linux kernel against a formally verified variant - Lukas Bulwahn (Elektrobit Automotive GmbH) Mr Mete Polat (Technische Universität München)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:55 --- Break ---
09:10 New Smatch Developments - Dan Carpenter (Oracle)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:35 Fuzzing Device Interfaces of Protected Virtual Machines - Felicitas Hetzelt (TU Berlin) Martin Radev Robert Buhren Mathias Morbitzer   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:05 Testing in-kernel Rust code - Miguel Ojeda   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:35 KUnit: New Features and New Growth - Brendan Higgins (Google LLC) David Gow (Fellow Contributor)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
Tracing MC (until 11:00) (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Introduction - Steven Rostedt   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:05 DTrace based on BPF and tracing facilities: challenges - Kris Van Hees (Oracle USA)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Enabling user mode programs to emit into trace_event / dyn_event - Beau Belgrave   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:55 Container tracing - Yordan Karadzhov (VMware)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:20 --- Break ---
08:35 Tracepoints that allow faults. - Mathieu Desnoyers (EfficiOS Inc.)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:00 LTTng as a fast system call tracer - Mathieu Desnoyers (EfficiOS Inc.)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:25 Eventfs based upon VFS to reduce memory footprint. - Ajay Kaher   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:50 --- Break ---
10:05 Function tracing with arguments - Steven Rostedt Jiri Olsa   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
10:30 Merging the return caller infrastructures - Steven Rostedt   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
BPF & Networking Summit (until 11:00) (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Dynamic Encapsulation Using eBPF - Coco Li (Google) Willem de Bruijn (Google) Stanislav Fomichev (Google) Brian Vazquez (Google)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:50 BPF user experience rough edges - Arthur Fabre (Cloudflare) Jakub Sitnicki (Cloudflare)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:40 From XDP to Socket - Udip Pant (Facebook) Martin Lau (Facebook)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:30 A proof-carrying approach to building correct and flexible BPF verifiers - Luke Nelson (University of Washington) Xi Wang (University of Washington) Emina Torlak (University of Washington)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:20 Pixie's eBPF Protocol Tracer - Zain Asgar (Pixie Labs) Yaxiong Zhao (Pixie Labs) John P Stevenson (Pixie Labs) Ryan Cheng (Pixie Labs) Omid Azizi (Pixie Labs)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
GNU Tools Track (until 11:00) (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Eliminating implicit function declarations - Florian Weimer (Red Hat)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:30 Debugging offloaded kernels on AMD GPUs - Andrew Stubbs (Mentor Graphics / CodeSourcery)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:15 New mod/ref pass in GCC - Jan Hubicka (SUSE ČR)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:45 GNU tool chain for CORE-V - Ms Jessica Mills (Embecsom) Prof. Giuseppe Tagliavini (University of Bologna) Mr Nazareno Bruschi (University of Bologna) Enrico Tabanelli (University of Bologna) Jeremy Bennett (Embecosm)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:15 --- Coffee Break ---
09:30 RISC-V BoF - Palmer Dabbelt (Google) Jim Wilson (SiFive) Kito Cheng (SiFive)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:15 BoF: Register pressure sensitivity in the gcc middle end - Aaron Sawdey (IBM)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
Kernel Dependability and Assurance MC - Gabriele Paoloni Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation) (until 11:00) (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Kernel Dependability & Assurance Welcome - Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation) Gabriele Paoloni (Red Hat)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:10 Runtime redundancy and monitoring for critical subsystem/components - Mr Gabriele Paoloni (Red Hat) Daniel Bristot de Oliveira (REd Hat)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:45 Traceability and code coverage: what we have in Linux and how it contributes to safety - Rachel Sibley (Red Hat)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:20 Adding kernel-specific test coverage to GCC's -fanalyzer option - David Malcolm (Red Hat) Carlos O'Donell (Red Hat)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:55 --- Break ---
09:15 A bug is NOT a bug is NOT a bug: Differences in bug classes, bug tracking and bug impact - Lukas Bulwahn Sudip Mukherjee   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:50 Kernel cgroups and namespaces: can they contribute to freedom from interference claims? - Bruce Benson (Red Hat) Priyanka Verma (Red Hat)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
10:25 Kernel testing frameworks - Brendan Higgins (Google) Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
10:55 Kernel Dependability & Assurance Wrapup - Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation) Gabriele Paoloni (Red Hat)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
Kernel Summit (until 11:00) (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Integrating GitLab into the Red Hat kernel workflow - Don Zickus (Red Hat)   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:00 Writing a fine-grained access pattern oriented lightweight kernel module using DAMON/DAMOS in 10 minutes - SeongJae Park   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:00 User Interrupts - A faster way to Signal - Sohil Mehta   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:00 Building a fast nvme passthrough - kanchan joshi   (Kernel Summit/Virtual-Room)
LPC Refereed Track (until 11:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Linux and Zephyr interoperability - the start of a beautiful relationship - Amit Kucheria (Linaro)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 The forefront of the development for NVDIMM on Linux Kernel - Mr Yasunori Goto (Fujitsu Ltd) Mr Shiyang Ruan (Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology Co., Ltd)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 So you want to torture RCU? - Paul McKenney (Facebook)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 Protection Key Supervisor (PKS) - Rick Edgecombe (Co-worker)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
Performance and Scalability MC (until 11:00) (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Optimize Page Placement in Tiered Memory System - Ying Huang   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:45 "cat /proc/PID/maps": What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Matthew Wilcox (Oracle) Paul McKenney (Facebook)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:15 --- Break ---
08:30 Design discussion and performance characteristics of Maple Tree - Liam Howlett (Oracle)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:00 Preserving state for fast hypervisor update - Pasha Tatashin   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:45 --- Break ---
10:00 PKRAM feature development - Anthony Yznaga   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:30 Compact NUMA-aware Locks - Alex Kogan (Oracle Labs) Dave Dice (Oracle Labs)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
VFIO/IOMMU/PCI MC (until 11:00) (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Page-Based Hardware Attributes (PBHA) on arm64 - Will Deacon   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:30 --- Break ---
07:35 PCI Data Object Exchange (DOE), Component Measurement and Authentication (CMA) / SPDM 1.1 - Mediating access and related issues - Dan Williams (Intel Open Source Technology Center) Jonathan Cameron (Huawei Technologies R&D (UK))   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:20 --- Break ---
08:30 Shared Virtual Addressing (SVA) for in-kernel users - Jacob Pan   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:00 --- Break ---
09:05 Status of Dynamic MSIx and IMS opens - Ashok Raj Megha Dey   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
09:35 --- Break ---
09:45 Unified I/O page table management for passthrough devices, in-kernel API discussion between IOMMU core and /dev/iommu - Kevin Tian (Intel) Baolu Lu   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:30 --- Break ---
10:35 Brain storm some of the features support in Linux for PCIe - Ashok Raj   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
Android MC - Karim Yaghmour (Opersys inc.) (until 11:20) (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Android BoF Intro - Karim Yaghmour (Opersys inc.) John Stultz (Linaro)   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:05 uclamp cgroup usage challenges   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:25 thermal core usage challenges   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
07:45 --- 15 min Break ---
08:00 Open topic #1   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:20 Open topic #2   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
08:40 fw_devlink   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
09:25 --- 15 min Break ---
09:40 Open topic #3   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 AOSP devboard collaboration   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:20 Speculative page faults   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
10:40 Open Discussion   (GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room)
BOFs Session (until 11:00) (BOF1/Virtual-Room)
07:00 RCU Implementation BOF - Paul McKenney (Facebook)   (BOF1/Virtual-Room)
07:45 VMA life cycle and MM locking - Liam Howlett (Oracle)   (BOF1/Virtual-Room)
08:30 Direct map management - Vlastimil Babka (SUSE) Mike Rapoport (IBM) Rick Edgecombe (Intel)   (BOF1/Virtual-Room)
09:15 RISC-V platform specification - ATISH PATRA (Western Digital)   (BOF1/Virtual-Room)
10:00 User interrupts BOF - Sohil Mehta   (BOF1/Virtual-Room)
BPF & Networking Summit (until 11:00) (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Towards truly portable eBPF - Itay Shakury (Aqua Security) Rafael David Tinoco (Aqua Security)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
07:50 Automatically optimizing BPF programs using program synthesis - Michael Wong (Princeton University) Tanvi Wagle (Rutgers University ) Anirudh Sivaraman (New York University) Qiongwen Xu (Rutgers University ) Srinivas Narayana (Rutgers University )   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
08:40 BPF security auditing at Google - KP Singh (Google) Brendan Jackman (Google)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
09:30 Translating IPv4 to IPv6 Without NAT - Alok Tiagi (Netflix) Kyle Anderson (Netflix) Keerti Lakshminarayan (Netflix)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
10:20 Untangling DSCP, TOS and ECN bits in the kernel - Guillaume Nault (Red Hat)   (Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room)
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MC (until 11:00) (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion MC: Welcome and Introduction - Kate Stewart (Linux Foundation) Shuah Khan   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:10 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Open Source Communities: Key Themes & Preliminary Results from LF's 2021 Research - Jessica Groopman (Kaleido Insights)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
07:40 Women of Open Source Software: Motivations and Experiences - Dr Vandana Singh (iSchool at University of Tennessee – Knoxville)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
08:10 Linux Developers: Motivations & Challenges (preliminary insights) - Bianca Trinkenreich (Northern Arizona University)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
08:40 --- Break ---
09:00 Mentoring at scale: Acknowledging Implicit Mentoring - Dr Anita Sarma (Oregon State University)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
09:30 Linux Kernel Trends and Future Goals for Diversity - Dr Daniel German (University of Victoria) Kate Stewart (Linux Foundation) Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
10:10 Community Diversity + Events: Impacts and Trends - Angela Brown (Linux Foundation)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
10:40 Wrap up & Next Steps - Shuah Khan (The Linux Foundation)   (Microconference4/Virtual-Room)
GPU/media/AI buffer management and interop MC (until 11:00) (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:00 GPU/media/AI buffer management and interop Housekeeping - Daniel Stone (Collabora)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:05 dma-fence deadline and priority boosting - Rob Clark (Google)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
07:45 Presentation timing deep dive - Daniel Stone (Collabora)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
08:25 --- Break ---
08:40 Documenting the Heterogeneous Memory Model Architecture - Daniel Vetter (Intel) Daniel Phillips (AMD)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
10:00 --- Break ---
10:15 Userspace synchronisation for asynchronous hardware engines - Jason Ekstrand (Intel)   (Microconference2/Virtual-Room)
IoThree's Company MC (until 11:00) (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:00 IoThree's Company - Jason Kridner (Texas Instruments and Foundation) Drew Fustini ( Foundation) Christopher Friedt (Friedt Professional Engineering Services)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:05 Overview of LoRa & LoRaWAN support in Zephyr - Manivannan Sadhasivam   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
07:45 mikroBUS Driver for Add-on Boards - Mr Vaishnav M A (   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
08:25 --- Break ---
08:40 IoT Gateway Blueprint with Thread and Matter - Mr Stefan Schmidt   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
09:20 Apps not boilerplate, leveraging Android's CHRE and Zephyr - Yuval Peress (Google)   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
10:00 --- Break ---
10:15 Embedded Linux & RTOSes: why not both? - Jonathan Beri   (Microconference3/Virtual-Room)
LPC Refereed Track (until 11:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Compute Express Link + Linux + QEMU = Yes - Ben Widawsky   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
08:00 Bootconfig and kernel cmdline - Masami Hiramatsu (Linaro Ltd.)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
09:00 Guider: Linux Tracing using Python - Peace Lee   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
10:00 Measuring Code Review in the Linux Kernel Development Process - Ms Başak Erdamar Lukas Bulwahn (BMW AG)   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
Toolchains and Kernel MC (until 11:00) (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:00 Toolchains and Kernel MC Welcome - Nick Desaulniers (Google) Jose E. Marchesi (GNU Project, Oracle Inc.)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:05 The Rust toolchain in the kernel - Miguel Ojeda   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
07:35 objtool on arm64 - Mark Rutland (Arm Ltd) Peter Zijlstra (Intel OTC) Josh Poimboeuf (Red Hat) Will Deacon   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:05 --- break 1 ---
08:20 Report From The Standards Committees - Paul McKenney (Facebook)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
08:50 The never-ending saga of control dependencies - Will Deacon Paul McKenney (Facebook) Peter Zijlstra (Intel OTC) Jade Alglave (Arm)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
09:20 --- break 2 ---
09:35 Optimizing Linux Kernel with BOLT - Maksim Panchenko (Facebook)   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
10:05 Compiler Features for Kernel Security - Kees Cook (Google) Qing Zhao   (Microconference1/Virtual-Room)
Keynote - David Woodhouse Christian Brauner (until 12:00) (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)
11:00 Closing Keynote & Beverage Hall - Mr Christian Brauner David Woodhouse   (Refereed Track/Virtual-Room)